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We are a team of polyglots which are specialized in a wide range of technologies. The one thing we have in common is that we’re always ready to learn something new. This is what technology is all about – chasing the newest way to serve people better.

Staying true to our authenticity is important to us because, with this authenticity, we have constructed our common unity, represented by the space where we can develop and grow as individuals together and reflect it into our code, our way of working, and our way of life.

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Always ready for the next challenge, wired to find the best technical solutions for your business. You do the dreaming, we do the coding.

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The fast-growing segment caught our attention, and we are actively involved in DApps, Staking Providers, and Smart Contracts development on Elrond Network.

Monolith Extraction

We help clients to upgrade legacy platforms through seamless migration to new microservices-first architecture so that your company can stay competitive without the need to change current business processes.

Video Engineering

Encrypted and secure delivery of content. We deliver highly scalable device-targeted frontends, administration panels, and integration with major CND providers.


On-site edge-tech training programs are suitable for companies that need to
make a shift in technology or take it to the next level.

Custom Dev.

Full-Cycle development coverage. From designing systems to end-to-end implementation.

We enjoy the most

The team is specialized in several technologies and architectures but
these are the ones that caught our attention.

We are fluent in tech

Our diversified portfolio is ready to offer you complete automation services
through a wide range of technical solutions.


Judge the book by its clients.

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Case studies on software development.

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Happy to meet you. Let’s talk about your wildest ideas
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