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We believe that problems are solutions not yet explored.
Every project brings us a range of challenges. Every technology we use has its qualities and limitations.We’re a team of solution-oriented software polyglots. We’re very different and specializing in a wide range of technologies.The one thing we have in common is that we’re always ready to learn something new. This is what technology is all about – chasing the newest way to service people better.

Creativity is paramount. Coffee is never optional.



Always ready for the next challenge, wired to find the best technical solutions for your business. You do the dreaming, we do the coding


The bolts and nots of every business is it`s backend, we always recommend our client to have extra care with their public API , because in the end that is your business contract that will deliver content to its consumer apps. Behind that public api is our playground. Monoliths refactoring, microservices extraction, scaling improvements driven by great k8s charts, events streaming, identity federation and external services integration, API design (GraphQL/Rest) is our knowledge pool.

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A good user experience and an elegant design is what drives consumers. With a great backend and a needy interface you will have difficulties in client conversions. A great backend functionality has to be covered with a great interaction and a natural data perspective. What you need to know is that this can be more volatile than backend when it comes to investment, art trends and design evolve and you have to be aware of this fact. Always be prepared to invest in design, and when you’re dealing with an MVP, ux/ui is the probably the first thing that will validate your product idea.

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When production needs optimization, we are ready to jump. Successfully integrated ERP, CRM, 3d Visualisation tools with PLC`s from vendors like Schneider, Siemens, B&R Automation. With our partners from Escu-Robotics we also provide you with full integration and mounting of electronics and power modules.

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DNS Management


A Fox project that facilitates purchase and maintenance of domains for a wide range of movies and TV shows. We delivered both frontend and backend services, consisting of domain creation workflows through external APIs, automated searches, logging and a stats system.

Streaming & CMS


We ensured CMS and API solutions for Epix, a platform for content on demand, which works through digital, TV and app supported providers.

Reporting Solution

Expert RSVTI

A simple tool that generates required authorization for operating cranes and loads. Tracks personnel operation training and also high loads equipment periodic inspections.


Stomalink & Beautylink

We built a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for a dental office – different doctor & patient interfaces, services and functionalities to cater to their every need.



A complete automation solution for a self-service car wash. One of the best challenges of this project was streamlining the entire automation process in a reliable manner, to ensure its performance over time.



Judge the book by its clients.


”Experienced and highly professional. We’ve collaborated for over 6 months, on a complex enterprise application, and it went smooth, never missed a deadline„
Okapidev.co Bogdan Marcu


”Extremely knowledgeable, passionate about technology and coding techniques, and friendly to work with. They are a strong team and highly recommended„
epix.com Sacha Stanton


”Powerful team with great diversity in terms of skills and knowledge in IT development. We cordially recommend the Ners Computing team„
beautylink.ro Horia Ivan

Agile Freaks

”Over the years, Nerds Computing team became more and more robust and reliable, just like the systems they’re building! Thank you for your help„
agilefreaks.com Adrian Nistor


”I worked with Nerdscomputing on a very challenging project. Their professionalism recommend them as partner company for any project on software development„
archibus.ro Rahul Yadav


”I had the pleasure to work with a young team, highly qualified, which understood the all the requirements and further more they came up with great ideas„
expertrsvti.ro Adrian Miclaus


”I will highly recommend this team for other embedded projects. Based on this collaboration we had implemented an automated control logic for our galvanization process„
flagav.com Remus Moldovan

Meet the Nerds

To you, we may be just a fully functioning, bug-free app. But in reality, we are coffee-fueled, deadline-obsessed creators. We are the people behind the brand. The nerds.

Daniel Schiau

Project Manager
“Being part of embedded world and then advancing to more high level systems like monolith solutions and then inevitably to microservice ecosystems, I like to believe that the magic is happening when these worlds collide.”

Mihai Radulescu

“Got a PC when a was 6.. the rest was just the natural learning process. I fixed and maintained computers and software from that point. Frameworks are like fashion, patterns are found in all frameworks. Best practices morphing into bad practices. Perspective shift on data structure changing from relational to object graphs based on the problem solved. Availability issues, micro services, computing performance, memory pressure and data integrity.. I`v dealt with the pain of achieving balance in software architecture for last 10 years….and i love it.”

Alexandru Beu

“I was curious about the way computers work since early age. After I broke my computers a number of times, I eventually learned how to put the piece back together. After all these years, the curiosity is still there: from strictly to loosely typed languages, I fell in love with all programming languages alike. They are essentially a tool that helps us communicate with devices, which I still find amazing.”


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