low-voltage cable tester


Low-Voltage cable tester.

Connectors industry

The client

ODU has established itself as a leader in the provision of electrical connection technology. ODU connections ensure the reliable transfer of power, signals, data, and media in numerous fields of applicability: in future-oriented growth markets such as medical technology, military, and security, energy, as well as in sectors such as electronics industrial, measuring, and testing technology, or automotive technology.

Better quality check

The need

The goal was to reduce the defect rate in the manufacturing process. Mainly to detect the wrong wiring earlier in the process and optimize the manufacturing workflow.

The client was searching for very intuitive cable validation equipment that was intended to be used by operators without intensive training. Moreover, the system should auto-learn new products and generate detailed reports – such as connection issues and cross-wire detection.

The solution

One of the most crucial requirements was to be extremely flexible in order to enable new features and integrations, in other words, to be able to build on top of it. The modular design allows us to add new systems into the equation without rebuilding them from scratch.

We came up with a cross-platform solution that is written in the most popular technologies, with intuitive touch-screen, barcode scanner friendly, self-learning, crossed wires analysis, and multi-level access.


Tech: ReactJS, Electron

  1. Auto-Learn
  2. Test Mode
  3. Scan Mode
  4. Detailed reporting
  5. Multilevel Access

The result

The defect rate at low-voltage tests dropped to 0. The system eliminated the pending time between the product manufacturing and high-voltage end-of-line quality check by instant detection of wrong wiring.

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