video engineering


Video engineering for an online streaming platform

Streaming platform

The client

An American premium cable and satellite television network launched in the US in 2009.

The service is also sold direct-to-consumer through a proprietary streaming service Epix Now and via a la carte subscriptions independent of a traditional pay television platform.

Expertise & Development Power

The need

The client’s fast expansion required updates on the existing platform for a better user experience, content management, and a robust platform.

The plan was to upgrade legacy code and develop new features targeting new devices like several TV operating systems and WEB content delivery.

The solution

Since the client already had a technical department, we augmented it’s team by adding expertise and increasing the delivery power .

Maintain and improve editorial work while paving the road to migrate towards a microservice architecture and infrastructure.

Outlining automation processes and coding them was a requirement from DevOps. We got it and we went further in helping them achieve this by making developers use the same deployment scripts (a single source of truth for deployment process).  Made Dev environment use the same helm chart as staging and production. One CLI to deploy your services in a  minikube instance, got the ramp-up and setup from 2 days to 4 minutes. Wow, this could be achieved by using docker-compose, but if you want to have all microservices running locally and make them talk as in prod, you need to make a local cluster. It`s really great we loved it … and yes, that CLI also has a –help feature.

Tech: Ruby, PHP, Python, ReactJS, MySQL, GraphQL, AWS, K8S

  1. Upgrade tech stack
  2. Prepare migration from monolith to micro-services
  3. Improve code quality
  4. Integrate payment providers
  5. Extend back panel management

The result

Several services were extracted, improved, or built from scratch. New TV apps for different operating systems are published in store.

The journey continues.


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