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ferry travel aggregator

The client

A U.K.-based ferry travel aggregator service that provides bookings for ferry crossings across the globe. Its main crossings include mainland Europe, such as the U.K., France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Germany; North Africa, such as Morocco and Algeria; Asia, such as China, Russia, Cambodia, and Hong Kong; and the Americas, such as the U.S.A., Canada, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Legacy platform upgrade

The need

The company was founded more than 20 years ago, and the existing solution became deprecated. The used technologies are now obsolete, making development and scalability quite difficult.

The client’s plan was to upgrade the platform to the latest tech and migrate to a microservices architecture.

The solution

The monolith was ok … for a while, at least in the initial phase, but the increase in demand makes it unsuitable for what followed. The focus was on separating logic into domains and then implementing them into scalable microservices.

Since the client already had a technical department, the best solution was to augment the existing team.  The technical business know-how of the client’s developers combined with an infusion of a new team increased the delivery power and added value in terms of skills, ensuring a smooth transition.

Tech: .NET Core, ASP .NET, React, Redux Observable, Typescript, Elasticsearch, VB .NET, Jenkins, AWS

  1. Extract monolithic business logic into brand new scalable microservices
  2. Migrate to modern cloud providers
  3. Agile micro-deployments with automated CI/CD pipelines

The result

Even though monolith extraction is a long-running process when everything has to be done behind the scenes, without impacting the business needs, some of the most important areas were extracted into microservices and hosted in the cloud. The delivery flow is also more efficient with continuous micro-deployments.

The journey continues and the upgrade is still in progress.

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