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Building credibility for a startup

We’re always looking to expand our team of nerds. If you think you’ve got what it takes, love Star Trek jokes and maybe D&D, but your true allegiance lies with technical solutions, we’d love to meet you.

Our most important trait is that we deliver. Come meet us if you’re good with creative solutions that make businesses strive.

What we want?

We are looking for a Software Engineer with that spark. The spark that lights up when you come back from vacation and code, not because you have a deadline, not because the captain in command is saying so, but because you left a new concept undiscovered or not understood before you left.

What we need?

We need somebody who can code proficiently in a language like C# or Javascript and understand the need of data perspective in API design and data models combined with projections in screens that satisfies the view inside the data pool.

Your benefits

Learn everything about the competitive advantages we bring to the table. And let’s disrupt technical solutions together!

The team

Flexible office work schedule Modern technology, work methods and tool.

The Opportunities

Possibility to participate in various training programs and conferences.Open air terraces, game rooms. Regular themed parties & team building activities

Medical insurance

Extra benefits for happier and healthier life


Trainings and mentorship on .NET Core, React, Blockchain, Functional programming, K8s and much more

Flexible schedule

You are your own manager, we are focusing on things being done

Latest tech

Exploration, and adoption of new technologies is one of our core values

this is the list of Knowledge_

Not impressed yet? This is what we do best.


Familiar with querying databases and creating fast responses. Oh, boy, those execution plans are indeed a black magic voodoo skill).


Proficiently coding the safe boiler. Net Core 2.0 good knowledge of constructing endless layers API design (Rest | GraphQL)


Dynamic Proficiency in structuring dictionaries: Angular | React.js understanding of best practices and code cleanness.

_we also like


Think that poetry is part of coding: Flask Django


Introspection is an art: Ruby on rails Dry.rb


Stop faking relations in relational databases and store them, already: Neo4j – isn`t it mindblowing? ASCI drawing your relations?

I would love to be part of the team

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