blockchain bridge


Elrond – Ethereum Blockchain Bridge

Blockchain Network

The client

A SPoS (Secure Proof of Stake) blockchain network that distinguishes itself from the other ones by a highly scalable, fast, and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases, and the new internet economy.

Cross-Chain Bridge

The need

A way to bring different assets from different blockchains to Elrond blockchain and vice-versa.
It has to be safe so the clients won’t lose their money. It has to have a backup plan in case of failure so the clients could restore their money. Be able to add new chains with not much effort.

The solution

Working together with the client’s technical department, we augmented the team in order to build a SPA web decentralized app backed up by a backend working in the background with a special kind of blockchain node. Both are working also with lots of smart contracts living on the Elrond and Ethereum (and any other supported) blockchains. Strong validations on the frontend side with the target to omit the unhappy scenarios client could lead into.
Integration with supported cryptocurrency wallets, both software-based (like Metamask or Maiar DeFi Wallet) and phisical ones (like phisical ledgers).

  1. SPA decentralized react app
  2. Many smart contracts on different chains
  3. Omit unhappy paths as much as possible

The result

A bridge being able to transfer different supported tokens from Ethereum blockchain (and any other supported blockchains) to the Elrond one and vice-versa.
An easy-to-configure SPA web app for adding new tokens and new chains. An explorer being able to show/search all the swaps being done over time. A rescue mechanism used on failure by the client to restore his money.

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