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Designed for cable manufacturers. Intuitive touch-screen, barcode scanner friendly, self-learning, crossed wires analysis and multi-level access are the words that define Elva as a product.

  • Auto-Learn
  • Test Mode
  • Scan Mode
  • Multilevel Access


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Nerds Bootcamp

On-site edge-tech training programs tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Junior Kit
  • ReactJS
  • GraphQL
  • Infrastructure-As-Code
  • Event-Based Architecture


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Gatha is the platform that digitalizes the security gate’s paper ledger and offers the proper tools for tracking assets inside and outside the company.

Eliminates – security’s paper ledger; signed papers for going home with the laptop, car or other asset; confirmation calls between departments and trustworthy signed papers

Does a better job at – tracking who is responsible for a specific resource, notifying the superior if the employee does not return the asset in time and checking the resource’s availability and allocation

Introduces –  a new layer of security by eliminating papers that can be written and signed by anybody, instant asset localization checking the owner and expected return date, a new way of doing inventory and deep history of assets allocation and company visitors


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