Low-voltage cable tester

Designed for cable manufacturers. Intuitive touch-screen, barcode scanner friendly, self-learning, crossed wires analysis and multi-level access are the words that define Elva as a product.


Plug and play concept

  • Autolearning of new products
  • Product check against specification
  • Defect analysis through scan mode
  • Multi-level user access

Cable tester


Endless possibilities for the industry

When dealing with complex harnesses, cable handling doesn't necessarily have to be difficult. What if there will be wireless connectors that once plugged in start the quality check, transmitting data to a central unit that generates the report for the entire assembly?
Implementing the concept at a wider scale, wouldn't it be great to have a cloud-first solution integrated with your identity services, giving granular access and collecting the defect reports from all the cable testing units?
A centralized core can enable advanced analytics on manufacturing activity. These analytics can include bad supply material batches or operators that need more training.
What if the device is able to assist? Simply integrating a pattern recognition camera, the system may be able to predict soldering quality just by a snapshot.


The RO knowledge base can be visited here, it is public, covers all the features, and if you don’t find what you need you can drop a comment on the pages, we will adapt it based on your feedback. For the look and feel please check the the videos

The collaboration with Nerds was really good and open. We were continuously in touch regarding the ELVA project to have at the end a great result.

Piloiu Mihai Radu - ODU


Frequently asked questions

Feel free to write us using the form below or by email at office@nerds.sh if your question is not answered below

What is the feedback

The defect rate at low-voltage tests dropped to 0. The system eliminated the pending time between the product manufacturing and high-voltage end-of-line quality check by instant detection of wrong wiring.

How to get one

Elva is delivered on order. Contact us using the form below or send us an email at office@nerds.sh and we will contact you for the next steps.

What is the development model

The model is a hybrid one – the maintenance process is provided by free stability updates and the costs of new features will be borne by the requestor, based on an initial estimate and the update will be distributed free of charge to all devices from the market.

How customizable is it

The system is designed to be highly flexible starting from its core. It is based on technologies widely adopted, fully compatible with PC devices. Dependency on embedded systems is reduced to a minimum. This enables more processing power, integrations, and openness to change.

What if I need something different

You can write us, we put together a well-defined set of requirements and then we analyze it if the features fit into the current product or to build a new one, from scratch.

What about maintainance & certification

No special maintenance is required, the integrity check can be made easily just by plugging in your product’s “golden sample” and starting a testing process. The system detects all existing connections and based on the generated report you can validate that is running as expected. Intended to be an intermediary layer of validation (or the final one where it demands), the certificate issuance process is still ongoing at this moment.