Expert RSVTI

Authorizations and attestations management system

Documents generation

The activity of the RSVTI operator is very important from the point of view of the safety of the people and installations. We created a complete digital transformation solution, Expert RSVTI, that helped automate the process of checking equipment and authorizations for personnel, as well as delivering monthly reports without human input.

Generate docs with ease

  1. Generate required documentation that has to be sent to regulatory institutions
  2. Manage and update personnel testing
  3. Remote work availability using the web interface and WPF desktop experience
  4. Team accounts, enabling companies to manage authorizations as one
  5. Detailed information about equipment and personnel
  6. Powerful statistics and custom reporting


Deliver high-end quality with low cost in mind.
We started the development of this product since it`s inception when it was just an MVP. After 8 years it was validated and business gained traction. Now  focus is build for extensibility and using latest technology to enable as much integration as possible.

State of the art frontend architecture

We started from a basic template but implemented using latest redux observable patterns.

Backend ready for easy integration

APi was built with GraphQL in mind, ready to be integrated in mobile, web. desktop requirements.

Prod & Staging CI Pipeline

The staging and prod pipeline was done using the latest K8s/Helm best practices.
For each PR we integrated gitlab pipelines and create a k8s redeployment of all the services required. Ready to grow and scale when needed!


Angular JS


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