staking provider

Carpathian Stake

A staking provider on Elrond network.

Staking provider

The client

Carpathian Stake is an Elrond staking agency that believes that usability is crucial and creates a product that provides meaningful and relevant experiences to users. Apart from boosting your earnings, we constantly think about how people will interact with our platform and aim to include gamification & social elements to enrich your experience.

Build the platform

The need

Elrond is running the energy efficient Secure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. Validators and Delegators stake eGold to secure the network and earn rewards. Carpathian Stake is part of the movement by helping eGLD holders to earn rewards without the need of having technical knowledge. They are also providing staking for “whales” where you can host your node(s) by having more than 2500 eGLD. The rewards are higher, and the commission is lower.

The solution

Nerds is providing all the technical lift offering consulting advice and also fully involved in development side.

What we’ve done so far:
1. CarpathainStake.com – The user interface that facilities:
– integration with staking Smart Contract where the holders that are having more than 2500 eGLD will receive rewards at a discount
– integration with delegation Smart Contract where eGLD holders are receiving rewards.
2. Raffle – crafted a smart contract that Carpathian Stake delegators can win rewards in eGLD. The winners are framed on a leaderboard.

Tech: ReactJs, NextJs, Rust, PHP

  1. More than 3000 happy customers
  2. More than 75k eGLD blocked in Smart Contracts
  3. 24 Nodes – up and running
  4. Cumulated rewards: > 10k eGLD

The result

A fully-featured eGLD staking platform, with more than 300 customers that choose Carpathian Stake with their funds. Check on explorer -> here


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