appointments platform

Stomalink & Beautylink

SaaS appointments platform

Cross-domain Services Provider

The client

Specialized in several fields, Reachman provides consultancy, training, and business solutions in financial, beauty and head-hunting areas.

Appointments platform

The need

The client wanted to expand the range of offered services by building a SaaS platform for the management of appointments, client-specialist communication, and the resulting documents.

Basically, the plan was to digitalize the client-specialist relationship for a better experience.

The Strategy

Keep budget low, spare some money for marketing. Validate the product and  keep the system up and running so, it can  sustain  a clean UI rewrite.  And rule number one, do it while migrate in smaller services.

The solution

We started with an MVP for dentists, which was used to test the market and demand. After the launch, a set of short-feedback loops were made in order to adjust the system to the user’s needs.

After the validation, we transformed it into a “white-label” product which was later on extended to the beauty segment, where gained more traction.


Tech: .NET Core, SOLR, Angular, MSSQL, React, Ionic, React Native, Azure

  1. Appointment management platform
  2. WEB & Mobile Apps
  3. Realtime chat service
  4. Document management

What were our goals?

This was an MVP we had to test a product idea. Deliver fast and validate the product.

  1. Multiple integrations
  2. Mobile cross-platform code
  3. Short time-to-market
  4. Fast feedback & adapt loops
  5. Quality of code had to be as much as have the system maintainable after initial release and till we rewrite the validated solution

Validate or fail fast

Before going wild and build the best application ever. Check that your users really need it.

The result

A validated platform with thousands of users and hundreds of specialists for which the experience significantly improved.


StomaLink            BeautyLink

We need to understand business.

Lets white-label our MVP

We had 2 business ideas of the same code base. Stomalink and BeautyLink.

Rethink and design

Now we are leading the new product guidelines. For the new and great product services map re-branded from the 2 white-labeled products coded. BeautyLink and Stomalink. They will merge and form OLink. A white-label  appointment platform.

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