Mons NFT

Comunity-centric and NFT-based blockchain services development.

NFT Based Development

The client

A blockchain team that strongly mitigates the transition to decentralization, practically to Web3. Their mission is to develop transparent and distributed services for the community.

Build from scratch

The need

The client reached us for all the technical lift offering consulting advice and solution implementation. There was a need for a website and several NFT-related blockchain integrations.

Mons will be a series of NFTs that will serve as fundraising to develop community-driven solutions for the Elrond Network.

The solution

Write and deploy all the needed smart-contracts:

Raffle SC where the participants will be elected to win a free NFT. After the official launch, the code will be public.
Whitelist SC, where the winners would be able to mint and claim the free NFTs.
Mint SC, where the customers will have the ability to mint NFTs for a certain amount of EGLD.

Tech: Rust, Smart-Contracts, ReactJS

  1. Raffle Smart-Contract
  2. Whitelist Smart-Contract
  3. Mint Smart-Contract
  4. Website & Platform

The result

One service is already under development, and with the community’s growth, more will follow.


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