Automated CarWash

Fully-automated, no human intervention, intuitive interaction

About the project

A complete automation solution for a self-service car wash. One of the best challenges of this project was streamlining the entire automation process in a reliable manner, to ensure its performance over time.

Entire process has to be automatic.

  1. NFC cards based approach
  2. Backpanel insights about historical & real-time usage
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Extremely flexible services integration
  5. White-Label ready platform
  6. Over-the-air updates


Integrate low-cost devices to build a highly available system.
The panel has to be done using Raspberry devices and touchscreens. Create a management interface for employees.
Flexible pins configuration for car wash modules.

Integrate industry hardware

Integrate industry hardware with low-cost components like Raspberry PI.

Ui friendly

Started implementation on raspberry devices using windows embedded technology. Easy to migrate to other HMI interfaces

Backend for IoT

Build as system where each module can be easily plugged-in

Remote deployment with ease

Easy deployment for new firmware and configuration management of the entire station.


WPF .net


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