carwash system

Automated CarWash

Fully-automated, no human intervention, intuitive interaction

LPG Distributor

The client

A national supplier of liquefied petroleum products, it has its own fleet of distribution trucks to serve customers. It distributes propane gas and has an auto LPG station on site.

Control system

The need

The goal was to extend the range of services offered on-site, and a self-service carwash was the chosen option. A highly customized system was desired in order to integrate with equipment already in place.

The car wash should run autonomously from box management to credit refill.

The solution

Integrate low-cost devices to build a highly available system. The panel has to be done using Raspberry devices and touchscreens. Create a management interface for employees. Flexible pins configuration for car wash modules.

Tech: ASP .NET, MSSQL, WPF .NET, SignalR, CCTalk, UWP, SmartCards

  1. NFC cards-based system
  2. Backpanel insights about historical & real-time usage
  3. Intuitive user interface
  4. Extremely flexible services integration
  5. White-Label ready platform
  6. Over-The-Air updates

The result

A fully automated self-service carwash with custom integrations.



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