assets management


Assets management and visitors flow for large companies.

Assets management

The Pitch

Gatha is a platform that digitalizes the security gate’s paper ledger, manages the visitors, and offers the proper tools for tracking the assets inside and outside the company.


The need

Assets tracking and allocation per employee.

Better collaboration between security guards and the company’s departments when coming to visitors and assets that are allowed to be taken home/outside by the employees.

The solution

Digitization of the company’s resource allocation process integrated with the gate post. On top of that, the establishment of a visitor management flow that makes the connection between security guards and the different departments responsible.

It eliminates
• security’s paper ledger
• signed papers for going home with the laptop, car, or other assets
• confirmation calls between departments
• trustworthy signed papers (the guardian cannot check if a signature is legit)

Does a better job at
• tracking who is responsible for a specific resource (like a laptop, monitor, car, etc.)
• notifying the superior if the employee does not return the asset in time
• checking the resource’s availability and allocation

• a new layer of security by eliminating papers that can be written and signed by anybody
• instant asset localization checking the owner and expected return date
• contacts book – displaying the phone number and superior for each employee
• a new way of doing inventory
• a history of assets allocation and company visitors

  1. Instant asset tracking
  2. Visitors management
  3. Advanced reports

The service

Gatha is designed as a custom-made solution that fulfills each company’s needs with all its particularities. The concept, flow, and core services are done and ready to be adapted to your way of work.

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