pipeline automation


Zinc coating pipeline automation.

Metal treatment industry

The client

Flaro has more than 80 years of experience, has diversified activity and growth simultaneously in several economic sectors: automotive, electrical, stationery, haberdashery, household, and green energy.

Flagav is a branch directly controlled by the holding company.

Process automation

The need

The client has a treatment line with 20 posts and two cranes working simultaneously on the same railway. Its focus was to automate the galvanization pipeline in order to increase the quality of the resulting products by creating pre-defined profiles for each product. The time tolerance was essential, with an accepted delay of under one second.

The solution

Digitally controlled already existing equipment. A PLC-driven application that gets the input from the newly added sensors and acts the cranes accordingly. All by a collision-avoidance algorithm since both cranes are on the same railway and have to transfer the load from one section to another.

The autonomous PLC application is communicating in real-time with the configuration & monitoring panel from the PC, rendering the current state and time left and allowing the administrator to add, update and load new product configurations in the PLC sequence.

The entire operation can be run by a defined plan or manually controlled through the PC admin panel.

Command any moving part and create a queue for those commands. Have them sorted by their interrupt priority and build on top of that. We made the entire mechanical structure move with our estimated queue.


Tech: .NET, WPF, Lader, PLCs, Modbus

  1. Automated galvanization process
  2. Minimal human intervention
  3. Configurable products profile
  4. Realtime visual representation

The Result

A transformation of the existing pipeline into an automated process. The timing and quality of the resulting products were substantially improved after the automation.

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