Crowdfunding platform

Migrated the business logic away from monolith

Crowfunding platform

We worked as part of a bigger team to insure a slow but steady migration towards a micro-service architecture of an existing monolith.

High availability of microservices

  1. Extract from the monolith, in dedicated micro-services
  2. Build a global-ready scalable platform
  3. Keep your micro-services events in an event driven architecture and be sure payments are never but never missed
  4. No down time for the migration period! Money can`t be played with!


When dealing with old monoliths, and want to extract in dedicated self contained micro-services you need to be sure that during the migration phase, all systems are up and running and no transactions are lost. Build infrastructure before hand, have feature flags implemented and event driven queues in place. In case something goes bad, be sure you can handle that by replaying allĀ  events and recompute the states.

From Monolith to microservices

Monitoring tools for your microservices are the key factor to success in a real-life migration.

GILT service

First service migrated was the Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation service. Used by all backend components to i18 the responses.


Implemented a GDPR service required by multiple business units. Rules and approvals for customers.


All payments had to be secured. To be sure our implementations were right we made staging infrastructure deployment easy. Blue green architecture was a key factor of success in this case.




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