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Software Engineer

We’re always looking to expand our view of the world so we are genuinely interested in yours.

We are Nerds that have constructed a space of common unity through our authenticity, putting our way of life into the code we write. We value our freedom because it gets us the spark of creativity that we need in our code and we always deliver because we stay true to ourselves.

We don’t believe in CVs, we believe in Human Beings!

We don’t believe in Job Openings, we believe in aligning our paths so we can grow together.

Here is what is currently happening with us, if you think there is a possibility for a synchronization then come Nerd with us!


We are looking for a synchronization between the Nerds and a Software Engineer of creativity that comes from being free, from being inspired by others, and who inspires others.

We are looking for that individual that is constantly going out of his comfort zone, either through his/her code or through his/her way of discovering the world.

The current role is open due to our expansion of the team and is part of the general Nerd community.

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