Performance is not a coincidence. It’s a constant. We deliver it.

We’re a Romanian-based software development company, offering a wide range of services from mobile to web development.

Why Us?

We are a community of free individuals who believe that openness is a virtue that helps us develop ourselves not as good professionals but as great humans.

We value our freedom and we encourage it so that we can grow and reach our own potential, by being there for each other in our learning process, in our successful times, in our hard times, and in our random times. We walk each morning with our open mind and cup full of coffee, leaving our Ego behind, sharing our anxieties, being vulnerable, and growing together because this is what sparks our creativity and lets us explore and master a wide range of technologies, searching for the “New” to learn and the “How” to use it in service of people.

We believe in staying true to our authenticity because with our authenticity we have constructed our common unity, represented by the space where we can develop and grow as individuals together and reflect it into our code, our way of working, and our way of life.

We are fluent in technology

Our diversified portfolio is ready to offer you complete automation services through a wide range of technical solutions.


.NET Core, .NET Framework, WPF, UWP, Azure services



RXJS, Redux, Redux observable & Toolkit, Material, Jasmine, Nightwatch






DApps and Smart contracts on Elrond Network


Document Databases


Dry & Rails





Infra. As Code

Service Mesh



Not convinced? Learn everything about the competitive advantages we bring to the table.


Your customized solutions can both be cost-efficient and have fast-interaction or complex business flows. Get the best of all worlds.

Quality of Code

No code is ever flawless, but we can build the future on top of ours.


Only through a profitable architecture will you be able to scale and make the most of your product. Your success is our first priority.

time to market

Time delivery is not about the quantity of work, but about the quality of vision. We’re here to deliver, and fast!


Minimalism is our mantra, and we apply it everywhere. ‘Talk less, do more’ has gotten us this far.


Regardless of your idea, we’re ready with a custom solution that will make it shine best.


Judge the book by its clients.


”Extremely knowledgeable, passionate about technology and coding techniques, and friendly to work with. They are a strong team and highly recommended„ Sacha Stanton


”Experienced and highly professional. We’ve collaborated for over 6 months, on a complex enterprise application, and it went smooth, never missed a deadline„ Bogdan Marcu


”Powerful team with great diversity in terms of skills and knowledge in IT development. We cordially recommend the Ners Computing team„ Horia Ivan

Agile Freaks

”Over the years, Nerds Computing team became more and more robust and reliable, just like the systems they’re building! Thank you for your help„ Adrian Nistor


”I worked with Nerdscomputing on a very challenging project. Their professionalism recommend them as partner company for any project on software development„ Rahul Yadav


”I had the pleasure to work with a young team, highly qualified, which understood the all the requirements and further more they came up with great ideas„ Adrian Miclaus


”I will highly recommend this team for other embedded projects. Based on this collaboration we had implemented an automated control logic for our galvanization process„ Remus Moldovan


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